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Jesper Ek has walked the walk of Leadership as a practicing leader/manager for more than 25 years, mostly in big, international organizations. He is known for his engaging management style and has a track record of being a leader who’s turning minus to plus but without the traditional ways of cutting costs but rather boosting the people of the teams, very much opposite of the norm in most organizations today.

He has created his own type of leadership, and in his lectures, he shares his knowledge and experience on how to create a more engaged workforce and thus get better results with more sustainable and psychologically safe teams. He is today still active as a strategic advisor in companies like Uponor and start-up blockchain company Chromaway.

Jesper Ek is a much-appreciated speaker and has lectured for companies like Postnord, Tetarpak, Telenor, Roche, and also been a speaker at London Business School, Said Business School in Oxford, and more.

Popular topics: People First Leadership | The engagement manifesto

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Jesper Ek

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