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Keynote speaker and leadership developer

Jesper “Bella” Berlin knows what is required of a leader in sharp situations from his work in high-risk environments.

Jesper has cleared terrorist bombs and mines on several continents under difficult conditions. During 30 years in the Armed Forces and 14 of them at the Special Operations Group (SOG), he has on several occasions put together groups to work in high-risk environments.

He shares his experience on how to be a great leader, how to get the group to deliver desired results, how to set goals and how to reach them. With his insights from his time in the special operations units, Jesper Berlin shows the importance of not only focusing on performance. The focus should be improvement, and that should be in focus. What can we do better next time? How do we turn our weaknesses into strengths? 

Jesper Berlin is one of the instructors in Elitstyrkans Hemligheter Sverige on TV4.

More on Jesper’s lectures

Leadership, motivation, inspiration, health, well-being, and communication are topics that are included in Jesper’s lectures.

From motivation to the importance of being a role model. Goals and vision. Jesper lectures on how to build a successful team, how to make the group deliver and going from a group of people to a team.

He shares stories and experiences from his own life and uses fascinating examples.

– To deliver under pressure, create a winning team, lead in change and manage risks and threats. These are all topics that I touch on during my lecture, says Jesper

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Jesper Berlin

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