Inma Martinez - Keynote Speaker

AI Pioneer & Digital Scientist

Inma Martinez is an industry recognised Artificial Intelligence and digital visionary that pioneered many of the digital disruption technologies of the 2000s – mobile music and video streaming, wearable technologies, the ”connected car” and smart cities development.

Both Governments and private corporations seek Inma’s advisory on how to address the digital challenges Inma is one of the most respected figures in the international speaking circles, described as a ”motivational visionary” who describes the future in attainable terms and reveals how technological development can be a force for good for human-centric progress and new corporate strategies.

Inma is a relaxed, enthusiastic and quick witted speaker. In her presentations her passion for new media and the future of technology is clear and apparent.

Since 2010 Inma has been a digital ambassador for the UKTI around the world, and since 2016 to the European Union’s Advanced Technologies Commission on Big Data and A.I. regulation. In parallel, Inma continues to commit her time to research and to education at Imperial College London where she is a guest lecturer at the MSc Management program, the MSc in Economics and the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, and to the mentorship of innovative technologies at Deep Science Ventures, a venture-focused science institute where audacious entrepreneurial scientists explore solutions to world’s challenges. Inma was listed as one of the top ”50 A.I. Influencers to Follow On Twitter” by Cognilytica, an A.I. and Cognitive Sciences Research agency.

Popular topics: A.I. and Automation | Man-Machine Collaborations | Digital Media | Mobile and Web Technologies | The Digitalisation of Life, Work and Play | Developing Businesses: Getting Big Fast | Fintech | Smart Cities and AI Scientific Talent and Commercial Opportunity

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Inma Martinez

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