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Henri “Henkka” Hyppönen is a creative director, author, speaker, TV host, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of four companies including a problem-solving company that creates products and services using human intelligence and AI.

Henri speaks regularly about the future, business, leadership and creativity, and about the intersection of human and machine intelligence.

Henkka Hyppönen was awarded Speaker of the Year (Finland, 2013), Best Comedy Show in Finland (2014, 2015), Science Communication Award (2015) and Radio Host of the Year (2000).

Henri has interviewed political and business leaders, artists and creative geniuses such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Catmull, Jack Welch, and Will Smith to understand their most important lessons in business and life.

His most recent book, Why We Fear, helps us challenge and rethink the stories we tell ourselves about fear.Henri Hyppönen is currently working on his fifth book, a deep dive into the future of creativity. Henkka Hyppönen is also a bad drummer.

The Democracy of Creation and the Rise of Intelligent Machines

We are all creators now. In this new era, where humans have more possibilities and machines are more intelligent, our division of work will change. Through real-life examples and stories, Henri reveals this new world in the making and how creatives and business leaders can be a part of it.

Fear Can Make Us Really Stupid

To reach our highest potential, we must first understand one of our strongest emotions: fear. Using his extensive experience as a founder and leader of companies in the creative field and insights into the biology and psychology of fear, Henri shows the value of psychological security in the workplace, and how to create it so it stays.

Not Boring

How do you create a culture of creative problem solving, where people naturally challenge the status quo? Henri uses stories and insights from global creative leaders and successful creative companies to help you understand the building blocks needed to create a company where people aren’t afraid to take risks, your best talent stays around and they make cool shit.

We Should All Love Problems

Not all problems are created equal. What sets the best companies apart from the rest is their ability to find the most valuable problem. This commitment to value is what gives them the competitive edge. These problems are not always easy to find; they can hide deep within your business, or your customer’s life, the solutions have to be imagined and most of the time you won’t have an immediate business case for them. In this presentation, Henri helps you understand why learning to spot and solve valuable problems can transform your business.

The Great Transition to AI

Soon we will think of AI much like we do electricity: we will only notice it when it is not there. We are in the midst of this transition and it is time to decide how we would like to participate. This is, after all, a future we are able to shape. Henri kick starts the conversation with three central themes: how we implement technology, creativity, and AI, and what it means to be human in an AI-enabled world. This talk will give you new ways of thinking about how we can create a new world and a new dream team: the human mind and machine

Henkka also gives Master Classes (half day to two day seminar/workshop) of all of the above.

Popular topics: The Democracy of Creation and the Rise of Intelligent Machines | Fear Can Make Us Really Stupid | Not Boring | We Should All Love Problems | The Great Transition to AI

Henkka Hyppönen

Henri “Henkka” Hyppönen

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