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Inclusion, Exclusion and Minority Stress in the Workplace

Since the summer of 2020 most organizations have realized the importance of raising awareness and knowledge in issues related to inclusion and diversity in relation to race and ethnicity in order to recruit, retain and represent their organization in accordance to their core beliefs and values. This presentation by Hanna Wallensteen will give you some social psychological perspectives on how norms, stereotypes, inclusion and exclusion, intentional and unintentional racism and minority stress can play out in workplaces, especially in relation to issues of race and ethnicity.

Hanna Wallensteen is a licensed psychologist in Sweden, who has been giving presentations on these issues in a Swedish context since 1999. She has also been an employee within social services, psychiatry, schools and occupational health care in Sweden. Hanna runs a private practice for psychotherapy, where she has specialized on experiences of minority stress and how to prevent and reduce such experiences. Hanna is herself a transnational adoptee who was born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden.

Hanna’s presentations give you a combination of theoretical viewpoints, concrete examples and suggestions on how to make an actual change in situations that may be experienced as insensitive, offensive or even discriminating in the everyday life of ordinary colleagues and leaders. Her presentations are given both online and live and in English as well as in Swedish.

Popular topics: Inclusion, Exclusion and Minority Stress in the Workplace

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Hanna Wallensteen

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