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Prominent Economist and Futurist

Hamish McRae is one of the country’s most respected financial journalists and commentators on future trends in economics, business and society.  Author of the acclaimed bestseller “The World in 2020”, Hamish is Associate Editor of The Independent Newspaper, Principal Commentator for the Independent Online and Columnist for the Evening Standard.

“A proven visionary of the global economy”

Hamish was educated at Fettes College, Edinburgh and has an MA in Economics and Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin.  Hamish McRae started his career as Deputy Editor of The Banker and Editor of Euromoney, before becoming Financial Editor of The Guardian. He has been named Business and Finance Journalist of the Year by the British Press Awards.  Hamish’s current areas of work include the shift of power to the economies of Asia and the impact of the new technologies on the world economy.

Hamish shows audiences not only where we will be in the next twenty-five years, but how we will get there. Hamish McRae offers a bold vision of a world in which the best predictor of economic success will not be based upon technological prowess but rather a nation’s creativity and social responsibility. In a light and relaxed way, he illuminates complex issues with great clarity.

Popular topics: Brexit & Europe | Success in Stressful Times: From America to Europe, from Africa to Asia and Australasia | The World in 2020 | How Power is shifting in the World Economy | The Development of the World’s Financial Services Industry | A Vision of the Future World Order

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