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Gunnar Söderström - Keynote Speaker

Mental coach, naprapath and speaker

Gunnar Söderström enters every stage with a lot of energy and a big smile. After a lecture, he wants the audience to leave the room with a great feeling, and one of his main messages is that a great feeling gives a better performance.

In his lectures, he combines research with fun and relevant examples from our everyday life. His focus is the power of the mental approach – your attitude influences more than you think.

Gunnar Söderström talks about change, and how change is necessary for growth, both in our private life and at work. Through communication, motivation, and information, a change process doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. By creating engagement and involvement, you will create individuals that are a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Gunnar has an enormous amount of enthusiasm and is very appreciated for his way to create a warm atmosphere. He is a trained naprapath and was a part of the Swedish triathlon-elite 1999-2012. He has been hired by FIFA and worked as a mental coach for Brynäs, a Swedish elite hockey team.

Popular topics: Be your best self

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Gunnar Söderström

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