Fredrik Wikholm - Keynote Speaker

Co-Founder at Planethon, Keynote speaker

Fredrik Wikholm is an innovative entrepreneur in the fields of communication, data science, fashion, and finance. Hailing from Sweden, Fredrik’s passion for planet-positive entrepreneurship grew out of his childhood in nature and many years in the climbing and snowboard community that later formed Uniforms for the Dedicated, the menswear company that Fredrik co-founded in 2007. He later moved on to founding The Rag Bag, Dedicated Institute, From Air, and Planethon. Fredrik is today mainly focused on expanding Planethon, a graph database company scaling the connection between sustainability science and global corporations.

Fredrik merges his formal education in behavioral science and business management with an entrepreneurial career in brand building, sustainable innovation, and tech development. Especially the case for WEB3 and blockchain as a tool for sustainable development. His key abilities are building and leading teams, developing brands and end consumer products, understanding social and ecological systems, and business development.

Fredrik Wikholm speaks and advises corporations on how to base business innovation on solving social-ecological challenges.

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Fredrik Wikholm

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