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Elizabeth Kuylenstierna - Keynote Speaker

Leadership coach, mediator, therapist, (UGL) mentor and international speaker

Elizabeth Kuylenstierna is one of Sweden’s most pervasive leadership coaches, who mentors both groups and individuals, internationally and nationally. She works in Swedish and English, and has previous experience in holding lectures in the US, Canada, China and across Europe.

Her competencies combined with a strong presence and sharp eye, warmth and humour, leave a mark with anyone who is listening. She has a way of making the difficult topics accessible for everyone, and can make a personal connection with every person in the room, no matter if there are 10 or 1000 people around.

She is a UGL program coach and for The Human Element, works with her custom-made leadership program and workshops both in Sweden and abroad, particularly in the US. She mentors management teams at all levels.

Elizabeth is also a crisis manager and conflict mediator, with missions in both private and public sectors. In addition, she works with staff in all industries to change office cultures, strengthen relationships, solve conflicts, change unwanted behaviours, lead groups through changes, improve communication and introduce the use of feedback – in short, enhance both individual capacities and teamwork for the group to reach even better results.

Elizabeth has a background in therapy, with a focus on grief, crisis and CBT. She believes strongly in the inner power of each individual and hopes to awaken such powers within each person she encounters.

She is engaged in a range of social issues, and has worked as a volunteer for more than 20 years with various vulnerable groups, including children brought up in difficult conditions, and abused women. She has worked for organisations such as BRIS, ECPAT, Tjejzonen och Kvinnojouren, and managed her own projects in Stockholm to assist homeless women.

Elizabeth was awarded Speaker of the Year in 2019 and has received the title of Eminent Speaker in Sweden. She has written several best-selling books, which have been published in countries such as Germany, Russia, India, Brazil, Estonia and Norway.

Motivation Speaker of The Year:

”It doesn’t matter if she is lecturing about leadership, communication or how to make a change, she will touch each and every person in some way. Her passion for people and communication shines through every time she enters the stage. No matter if she is guiding a group through a crisis or hosting an inspiring event, Elizabeth will embrace her audience with her commitment, where she will give them an experience that will last far beyond the lecture itself.”


Quotes on Elizabeth

”Elizabeth Kuylenstierna has a radiant personality! As a lecturer, she creates a relaxed atmosphere and invites the audience to exercises full of laughter and learning. She is confident, structured, energetic, enthusiastic, and extremely well-organised as well as easy-going.” – Lolita Opwapo/Företagarna


”I have worked with Elizabeth several times and I would highly recommend her! She has the ability to take on difficult topics with a lot of empathy and humour. She is quick to get a sense of the atmosphere among the audience and has a unique way to reach out to people through her combination of wisdom and personal interaction. It’s easy to see that she is passionate about what she does! I will definitely work with Elizabeth again in the future!” – Jonas Bjurman/Volkswagen Finans


”Elizabeth’s charisma goes straight into your heart. She is very professional and with a high presence in the group, at the same time as she will be able to connect to you on the individual level too. I have never met a lecturer before who can make connections at so many levels at once, not just during the lecture itself as the feeling lasts for a long time afterwards.” – Karin Smedman/NCC

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Elizabeth Kuylenstierna

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