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David Ståhlberg - Keynote Speaker

Digital Advisor

David Stahlberg guides you to curiosity, innovation and hope for our joint future, and helps you see the potential in your organisation.

After leading roles at Google in Sweden and at Procter & Gamble, David is today helping leaders and lead teams to turn the accelerating pace of technological change into an opportunity for positive impact and personal growth. David constantly has new perspectives and insights on the latest trends. But above all, he comes with the tools and energy to turn our complex world of change into action.

Do you feel that you learn faster than the world changes? Do you understand why some companies are ridiculously successful? Are you talking “about” or “with” your customers? Is everyone on your team moving in the same direction?

David Stahlberg speaks with warmth and humour and has the unusual ability to simplify and inspire your organisation to make things happen.

In short:
  • Advisor and change maker to lead teams with transformative agendas
  • Board member of the Swedish ecom platform Litium
  • Chairman of the user council for communication at Statistiska Centralbyrån (SCB)
  • Author of the book Marketing goes Digital
  • On the advisory board of health tech startup Woop
  • Runs the Digital Business Transformation course at IHM Business School
  • Certified from MIT Sloan School of Management in Artificial Intelligence, Implications for Business Strategy
  • Tripple degree in Economics and Business (Stockholm School of Ecnomics), Political Science (Uppsala University) and Theoretical Philosophy (Uppsala University)


Popular topics: To Lead and Learn in Accelerating Change I Digital Made Simple I A Future Worth Living

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David Ståhlberg

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