David Blake - Keynote Speaker

World’s Foremost Expert on the Future of Credentials, Skills, and the Workforce

David Blake operates at the intersection of the future of work and the future of politics. Blake is a sought-after expert on the topics of the future of work and learning, speaking at companies such as Google, Deloitte and Salesforce, and at conferences globally.

David Blake has spent his professional career innovating in formal education and lifelong learning. He is on a mission to future proof our workforce and use learning and skills to enable everyone to fulfill their personal missions. Blake has developed a framework for companies and employees to track and measure valuable skills that employers seek.

Technological change is driving demand for new skills, but are companies actually doing enough to cultivate the workforce they need? David Blake, education entrepreneur and expert on the future of work, says businesses help perpetuate an outdated model of education by evaluating job applicants on college degrees and other credentials rather than showing a demonstrable ability to learn, adapt and innovate.

Popular topics: How to Compete in the Expertise Economy | Future of Work | Learning

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David Blake

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