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Dave Dee - Keynote Speaker

Worldwide expert on presenting, persuading, and closing the sale

Dee Dave Dee was a struggling mentalist (mind reader and magician). Then he discovered the power of sales and marketing and his business skyrocketed from 3 shows a month to 25 shows a month in less than 90-days.

Other entrepreneurs and executives took notice and started asking Dave for his advice, and his new business as a speaker, author, and consultant was born.

To effectively reach more people, Dave Dee made it his mission to master the art of one-to-many selling; selling products, services, and ideas onstage, online, and in the boardroom.

Dave delivers high-energy, high-value presentations that rivet audience members to their seats while they discover his powerful system for “speaking to sell,” which includes little-known techniques such as cold reading, hypnotic language, and ethical mind control.

Upon request, Dave will add the valuable extra dimension of entertainment to your conference by performing his amazing, laughter-filled show, “Extra Sensory.”

The combination of Dave Dee’s show and keynote presentation will make your conference the most talked about and successful of all time.

Popular topics: How To Become A Powerfully Persuasive Speaker: Discover the secrets for selling your products, services or ideas onstage, online, or in the boardroom | Psychic Sales Secrets Revealed: Discover how to use hypnotic language, cold reading, and subliminal influence to close more sales.

Dave Dee

Dave Dee

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