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Keynote speaker

In the last two decades, Charlotte Signahl has been talking about “unpleasant” topics i.e. undesired powerstructures between people in groups, organizations and in society. How those power structures affect the individuals, their performance, and well-being, but also how an understanding of the same power structures makes everyone feel better. Charlotte talks about Human Rights and lectures about legislation in the area of discrimination in different countries and by showing how we as human beings project our power in a bad way, to gain advantages.

To create a connection to the audience Charlotte uses her own shortcomings and follies, her own good habits as well as the bad habits and behaviors. She uses herself as an example to reflect the audience so that they dare to leave their own comfort zone and recognize their own shortcomings and consciously try new behavior patterns in their lives. As Charlotte puts it, “If I get the audience to relax and burst out in laughter by throwing in a few jokes I normally get them to dare to open up and joke about their own faults and awkward behaviors and start to reflect upon them.”

Popular topics: Diversity – difficult but wonderful! | Master suppression techniques - I was really fun, you are easily offended, why don't you have humor instead? | Motivation in a few minutes - is it possible?

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Charlotte Signahl

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