Barry Gibbons - Keynote Speaker

Former Global CEO of Burger King

Barry’s aim is to show audiences how to stay ahead in fast changing and unpredictable markets by keeping yourself, your products and your company fresh. With his Anglo-Irish charm he shows how to lead (not manage), and how to energize people who work for you, with you and above you. Above all, he offers ideas on how to bring it all together to get distinction and excellence in all that you do.

Barry Gibbons earned the title of ’Turnaround Champ’ from Fortune Magazine thanks to his phenomenal success in boosting Burger King’s fortunes. Within a year of taking on the role, Burger King was opening two new restaurants a day around the world.

During Barry’s 5 years as the US-based Chairman/CEO of Burger King he received international acclaim. He has since co-founded and invested in a variety of ventures including a branded food service business, a magazine-CD publishing company, speciality coffee bars and a Latin theme restaurant that opened in Disneyland. He was also Executive in Residence at the University of Miami School of Business and is a regular on the BBC’s Bottom Line business broadcast. Having retired from big business, he is now a successful author, speaker and is co-founder of the Infinite Ideas.

Popular topics: Leadership - Profession or Condition? | Your People: Energised or Alienated? | The ´New´ Branding Challenge: Distinction Amid Clutter | Customer Service - Rising above the Ho-Hum

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Barry Gibbons

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