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Barakat Ghebrehawariat - Keynote Speaker

Political scientist, journalist and entrepreneur

Barakat Ghebrehawariat is a political scientist, journalist and entrepreneur who thinks we should communicate more with each other. Barakat is a popular speaker, advisor and opinion leader with extensive experience in working with norm criticism, anti-racism and inclusion. With his unique insights and humor, he helps organizations with diversity and inclusion from the communication perspective.

Barakat offers lectures and workshops, crash courses in anti-racist discourse and inclusive language. Best understood as a terminological compass designed to help us navigate the politically explosive landscape of identity, race and ethnicity.

What does whiteness mean? Is “black” a bad word? Why is “colored” a problematic term? How can we understand and grasp “structural racism”? What does “rasifiering” mean and isn’t it racist to talk about “race”? Why and how should we talk about skin-color?

You will get a deepened understanding of how racism is expressed in everyday life. Racism – or rather racisms – is a complex structure that operates in the grey area between individuals and institutions. To fully grasp the multilayered architecture of racism we have to understand (and accept) that it isn’t always driven by intentions. Rather, racist behaviour is often channelled through implicit biases.

Barakat Ghebrehawariat offers an inspiring and informative workshop in anti-racist discourse and inclusive language revolving around, but not solely focusing, on whiteness, race and/or ethnicity. The concept can best be described as a pedagogical exploration, from which we together can learn how to identify the subtle norms among us. Silent norms that privilege some of Us and marginalizing Others. Here, language will serve as a window to our often unexamined prejudices.

Popular topics: ”Can I say black?” - Overcoming theoretical anxiety and getting the job done

Barakat Ghebrehawariat

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