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Intrapreneur, author and innovator

Åsa Caap is a Stockholm based entrepreneur, intrapreneur, founder & former CEO of Our/Vodka. Her new entrepreneurial venture is a consultant and coaching business, called Caap & Co, where she helps corporations fuel and foster corporate entrepreneurship. Her hacks and lectures are based on her own experience from founding and running Our/Vodka, a controversial business that she built under the umbrella of Pernod Ricard, one of the largest spirit companies in the world.

She was awarded Sweden’s Intrapreneur of the year 2015, became one of Fast Companies “1000 Most Creative People in Business” 2016 and was featured on Market Week’s “Vision 100”-list as well as “Challengers to watch” by EatBigFish during 2017.

Her articles have been praised and shared by Sir Richard Branson.

Åsa Caap is since 2021 also responsible for the digital cultural center “Space” in the center of Stockholm. Space hosts a combination of different business areas, such as gaming, tech education, restaurants, co-working, and much more.

Popular topics: The art of intrapreneurship

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Åsa Caap

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