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How to design meaningful experiences

Arvid Axland is a Swedish thought leader within experience design and communication. He is the Co-Founder of Pool, a successful creative agency in Sweden. He is also the author of the Swedish best-seller ‘Jakten pa Känslan’ – the art of designing meaningful experiences. He is one of the country’s foremost speakers in the communication area. Arvids mission with his book and his lectures is to have more companies and people discover the possibilities of designing meaningful experiences, instead of being all rational when it comes to communication.

How can you succeed in your communication by being more emotional, more human and more experiential? Arvid will give you some awakening inspiration of how you can become more successful with an innovative experience approach. As a company or as a person. He will present a new way of thinking as well as sensational examples.

Customer experience is one of the hottest topics right now in corporate boardrooms. How come? And why do we need an emotional approach to business?

We used to believe our ability to make rational decisions was the key factor that differentiated humans from animals. This idea has thrived since the eighteenth century, when Carl Linnaeus classified our species as Homo Sapiens, Latin for “wise man.” But behavioral researchers say it’s a theory that is becoming as obsolete as the notion that the earth is flat. We now know that people can’t even make daily decisions without the involvement of emotions. And the bigger the decision, the greater the impact our emotions have. The Noble prize winner Kaheman puts it like this: ”We are to thinking as cats are to swimming. We can do it if we have to, but we don’t particularly like it. So, why do we continue to communicate in a rational way when it’s less effective? That’s just a waste of energy. In the book ‘Jakten på känslan’ we give guidance how to design meaningful experiences in things we say and do, in order to create strong positive emotions. That mindset enriches people’s lives and improves quality of life overall. That’s a wonderful feeling, and that’s why I like to spread these ideas.

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