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Co-founder, CEO till Viva Media AB

Arash Gilan is a successful entrepreneur, lecturer and author. In everything he does, he connects people with leadership and the digital world, also in the practical craft of starting and running a business. If you feel uncertain about how digitalization will affect you, your organization, your strategy and your decisions going forward – Arash can give you tips and advice based upon experience. In his lectures, he talks about people and digitalization and links this to organizational development, leadership in change, successful marketing and much more.

Arash Gilan is the CEO and co-founder of Viva Media, one of the Nordic region’s largest marketing companies. In 2022, he was awarded the “Inspirational Leadership of the Year” award by the Great Place to Work. Arash also runs the popular CEO podcast, a podcast where he talks to leaders and experts about how to build exceptional companies. In addition to this, Arash Gilan is a columnist at Breakit and has published two best-selling books: “Get digital or die trying” (2016) and “The planet of apps: the role of man in a digital world” (2019). In 2022, the book “A devil in e-commerce” will be released.

From his lectures you can expect high energy, drive and commitment, as well as exciting dialogues about the digital connected to philosophy and psychology. Arash gives its audience both food for thought and other perspectives.

Digitization – with people in focus

Arash Gilan commented on digitization in his first book in 2016 with the words: “Everything that can be digitized will be digitized”. The book “Get digital or die trying” has become a forerunner and is today published in most languages and now most recently in China. As Arash sees it, it is important that we create a direction for the future here and now, because digital development is still in its infancy. In his lectures, everything is linked to a reality with an emphasis on the value of what cannot be digitized. Arash takes a unique position by both being philosophical and at the same time running an operational business with over 80 employees.

As an active thinker, Arash likes to go into phenomena such as Bitcoin, Metaverse and Web 3.0. He is also not afraid to take a stand on various issues in his lectures.

Leadership that inspires

Arash Gilan is driven by learning and he shares generously to make others grow, which is noticeable in his popular podcast VD-Podden, CEO pod. He has a people-centered leadership based on humility and a sense of creating the right conditions for both employees and customers.

Through a great dose of humility, curiosity and courage, Arash Gilan has made his vision a reality lived out through a cohesive culture at his company Viva Media. He believes that self-esteem is underestimated and self-confidence overestimated. Arash has ignored questions from others and instead actively mustered the courage to do what he himself always believed in because we do not do more than we dare.

Marketing and business thinking

As both founder and CEO of one of the Nordic region’s leading bureaus in marketing, Arash has an obvious passion for strategic marketing that builds growth in both the long and short term. When both creativity and conversion come together, the real magic of marketing arises, says Arash. The importance of creating a brand (both personally and for the company) and how it is done over time is something Arash likes to touch on in his lectures because communication is the key to most things in life.

Popular topics: Digitalization with people in focus | Inspiring leadership / Leadership that inspires others | Marketing with "business first thinking"

Arash Gilan

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