Anssi Tuulenmäki - Keynote Speaker

Chief Innovation Activist

Anssi Tuulenmäki aims to activate the innovation creation skills in the individual, and in teams and organisations. The ability to innovate in a rapidly changing world is becoming more important by the day for survival and success. Practice innovation first with daily, commonplace things – if you can create new value for yourself, you can probably create it for your clients. Emotion, such as enthusiasm, is the precondition for development and creativeness. That is why we should be interested in what out emotional environment is like and how it should be managed, at the individual, team and organisational levels.

Repetitive events and the emotional environment are closely related to the ways we work. And the ways we work are just as closely related to the offerings and strategies of our organisations. Do you lack spirit, is your offering and customer experience the same old, same old? Organisations hold immense reserves of pent-up energy only waiting to be released. Anssi Tuulenmäki can facilitate and coach your organisation to let this energy flow and your organisation find success. Doing things your own way is allowed.

Popular topics: Doing things your own way

Anssi Tuulenmäki

Anssi Tuulenmäki

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