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Annelie Pompe - Keynote Speaker

Speaker, adventure guide, yoga & breathing teacher, author and photographer

Annelie Pompe is a professional adventurer from Sweden. She works as an inspirational speaker, adventure guide, yoga & breathing teacher, author, and photographer. Amongst her adventurous achievements is a world record freedive to 126m in one breath, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Everest from the north side and climbing the 7 summits.

Annelie has spent most of her life in nature and has seen the effects of humans everywhere. She believes in giving back to nature through sharing and caring. Her love for nature also shows in her amazing photos.

Nothing is impossible if you have enough willpower. As Annelie says, it’s impossible to succeed with anything if you don’t have a goal and am willing to change your mindset to reach the goal.

In her lectures, Annelie takes us on an adventurous journey to the highest mountain and into the deep ocean. Every goal and every action starts with a thought. The way we think affects everything we feel and do. In her sessions, Annelie weaves together her inspirational lifestyle with philosophies and practical advice for everyday life.

Popular topics: 126 meters in one breath | Courage and motivation

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Annelie Pompe

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