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Anna Gullstrand - Keynote Speaker

Chief People & Culture Officer (CPCO) at Mentimeter

Anna Gullstrand is the Chief People & Culture Officer (CPCO) at Mentimeter.

Mentimeter is a 240+ employee’s values-driven SaaS start-up with offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Toronto, Canada. Their audience engagement platform helps over 200 million users globally to participate in inclusive, interactive and impactful presentations, trainings, lectures and meetings.

Since graduating from the internationally recognised school Hyper Island 2004, Anna Gullstrand has been leading digital agencies in Sweden, Finland, and Russia as Chief Operating Officer and CEO. She also ran her own consulting company, Studio How, within leadership education and facilitation and published the book “Facilitate!” that won the HR Book of the Year in Sweden 2020. 

Mentimeter was awarded SaaS Company of The Year in Sweden 2021. Their CEO Johnny Warström was awarded CEO of They Year in Sweden 2021. The People & Culture Team at Mentimeter won the Human Growth Award – recognising people teams in the forefront of their industries.

Anna Gullstrand lectures on subjects such as digital trends, communication and marketing, employer branding, company culture, leadership, the new HR, group development, and facilitation.

Popular topics: How to create the foundations for digital innovation | A successful culture with Growth Mindset | Increase the engagement in your team

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Anna Gullstrand

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