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Anna Frankzen Starrin - Keynote Speaker

Cultural Anthropologist and Trend Analyst

In times of exponential technology development, exponential behavioral changes also occur.

Anna Frankzen Starrin is the cultural anthropologist and trend analyst who has come to be known as Robot Anna in the media, because she talks about automation and the impact of digitalization on people and companies. Anna wants to make companies dare to look into the future to find their way in the digital transformation, with sustainable development as a goal.

Anna often participates in radio and television and conducts trend studies and innovation work for companies in many different industries. Despite her nickname, Anna talks about the human aspects of the digital revolution. She identifies what we humans think, want and need in the future.

Anna is one of the trend spotters in the global trend scouting community called Trendwatching and has a huge library of megatrends and exciting cases from all corners of the world. Anna is an entrepreneur who has been involved in conducting major future studies, such as the global study Urban trends and Innovation, Urban trends, the future of cities, Future housing, future meetings, future offices and more. She regularly participates in radio and television, writes articles, gives lectures and conducts innovation work with companies and organizations. She is also an experienced moderator in both Swedish and English.

In a humble, serious and humorous way, she guides the audience through the event. Anna’s background in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs makes her a diplomatic moderator who thrives on stage, not afraid to ask comfortable and less comfortable questions to the participants. She is really good at creating a great atmosphere on stage.

Anna has worked as moderator for companies like:
Guide Michelin, IBM, Telia, Business Arena, among others. In 2020, Anna was nominated Speaker of the year.

Popular topics: The trends that affects the future | How to act in times of crisis | Sustainable cities

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Anna Frankzen Starrin

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