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Anders Hvid - Keynote Speaker

Co-founder and Partner

Anders Hvid is an honest rebel looking to create disruptive change where it is needed.

He is co-founder and partner in DareDisrupt, member of the SIRI Commission, former advisor to the EU commission, former advisor to the Minister of Education, author of two books Face the Future 2014 and Grib Fremtiden (Danish) 2018, and for seven years he was a faculty member and the Danish ambassador for Singularity University.

He is a requested speaker and commentator in the media and press on the topic of emerging technology, disruption, and the future of business and society. Over the last four years, Anders Hvid has been delivering more than 200 keynotes in more than 20 countries.

Popular topics: Face the future - what exponential acceleration means | What could possibly go wrong? | Investigating the biggest leaps in science of our times | Thinking like a criminal - innovation for the next generation. Resilience and innovation for the 21st century

Anders Hvid

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