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Allister Frost - Keynote Speaker

Former Head of Digital Marketing, Microsoft, The Digital Optimist

Allister Frost is the founder of Wild Orange Media where he helps businesses adapt to our rapidly changing world. He is a specialist in emerging and future online marketing techniques and works across many industries helping marketers stay abreast of technological advances to develop future-ready capabilities.
A leading global expert on the future of marketing.

What he offers you

Allister helps companies improve marketing results by leveraging emerging channels and technologies to inspire profitable customer action. As a respected industry thought-leader, he also comments on the changing communications landscape and explains how organisations must ready themselves for the post-broadcast, pay-to-play era by seeking out commercial opportunities in our digitally connected world.

From 2003 to 2012, before founding Wild Orange Media, Allister was Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft where he set the strategic direction for future marketing for the company in the world and gave fresh impetus to brands including Xbox and Windows. A Chartered Marketer, Allister regularly coaches and trains organisations around the world. During his more than two decades of career, he has managed well-loved brands including Andrex, Huggies and Kleenex and delivered global launch campaigns for Windows and “I’M A PC”. In addition, he is the founder of Internet Safety School, a community initiative designed to help parents understand the digital world better so they can help keep their children safe online. Allister is also an active blogger.

“I work with organisations that want to inspire people and fill them with optimism and self-belief so they confidently race towards fresh possibilities.

It’s 2020 and perpetual change is inescapable. Sadly, the unrelenting pace of change can make some people reluctant to embrace new ways of working. It turns out that getting people to try something new in a sea of uncertainty is really hard.

While working at Microsoft, I discovered that most of us are “ReadyAlready™” for the accelerating transformations coming our way. It’s such a shame so few people realise this, and many more give up trying. Yet when we can summon genuine positivity and optimism, our self-imposed limitations often fade away.

As an event organiser, you want the audience to think, feel and act differently after your big day. By bringing my “Hell Yeah, Bring-it-on!” performance to your stage, you’ll inspire attendees to square up to the next big thing and start realising their future potential.

“Let’s do this thing!””

Popular topics: The Future of Marketing | Digital & Content Marketing | Emerging and Future Online Marketing Techniques | The Secret Psychology of Inbound Marketing | Behavioural Economics | Social Business Reorganisation | Creativity

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Allister Frost

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