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Alexandra Thomas - Keynote Speaker

Psychiatrist, speaker and author

Alexandra Thomas is a psychologist, facilitator, speaker, and author. She is a recurring guest on radio and in articles and speaks about organizational psychology and how to create positive behavioural change in everyday life. She has extensive experience of being a leader and a deep understanding of organizational psychology and interpersonal relationships at work. Alexandra has written the thesis “Leading with Compassion” where she defines compassion-based leadership, one of her main topics.

Alexandra Thomas is an inspiring speaker with great timing and humor on stage. She has worked with leadership development on all levels, in global organizations as well as in smaller companies. In an interactive and curious manner, she turns challenges into engagement and solutions. Always with individual and organizational growth as the main goal.

Alexandra Thomas is used to the digital format, both for lectures and workshops.


  • Creating high performing teams
  • Compassionate leadership
  • Leading in change
  • Leading at distance
  • Team development
  • Feedback
  • Psychological safety
  • Coaching leadership


Popular topics: How to create high-performing teams | Leading for wellbeing and result | Brainsmart leadership

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Alexandra Thomas

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