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We know the challenges, opportunities and changes that the future holds. 
We know the right speakers, hosts and coaches. 
We help your business to break new ground, to rethink itself, and to grow.

Nina Spegel profilbild

Nina Spegel

Country manager
Eva Rosenfeld profilbild

Eva Rosenfeld

Senior Account Manager
Helena Årstein profilbild

Helena Årstein

Senior Account Manager
Stefan Cardell profilbild

Stefan Cardell

Senior Account Manager
Klaus Carlander profilbild

Klaus Carlander

Senior Account Manager
Vanja Belacevic profilbild

Klaus Carlander

Senior Account Manager
Linnea Håkansson profilbild

Linnea Håkansson

Marketing Manager
Katja S profilbild färg

Katja Sillanpää

Financial Manager

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114 38 Stockholm

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